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  • Galaxy note 10 vs s10 – Which one is better!

    Galaxy note 10 vs s10 – Which one is better!

    Which one is better galaxy note 10 vs s10? Galaxy Note 10 vs galaxy s10, (what’s better s10 or note 10!) which should you buy because both of these are quite the same size and naturally, you would ask the question should I just get the galaxy s10. I mean it’s about the same size, it’s cheaper than a galaxy note 10 and it […]

  • All about vivo s1 pro specs, price and comparison

    All about Vivo s1 pro specs, price, camera, battery, etc… Welcome to the new year 2020, happy new year you guys.  this year, you know what you can finally also expect we were to introduce the haloed type-c port in its phones this year, the new Vivo s 1 pro has it in the USB type-c port. The Vivo s1 pro as the […]