Realme 5 pro review – Is it really a good phone!

Realme 5 pro complete review and a customer’s opinion…

Realme 5 Pro review – is realme 5 pro really a good phone according to the camera, power performance, battery, price, etc. Is Realme 5 Pro worth buying? Let’s see…
Good design good cameras, power performance and of course the price. we exactly know what they should focus on and to the Realme 5 Pro is one of the many examples of that. 

In a hands-on review of the five Pro. Oh, wait, have you read that? No! it’s right here. So in a hands-on review of Realme five pro, it looked like a promising device to me. But do I have a change in opinion after using Realme 5 Pro for almost a month! let’s find out.
realme 5 pro review

Realme 5 pro design

Okay, design-wise the only concern is the polycarbonate bag that too in terms of durability. otherwise, 5 pro is pretty good design. These diamond-shaped patterns glow in light and darker shade when tilted, making the phone look very appealing. On hands – it feels okay it’s nice and considerably hefty. 

Now don’t expect anything of the realme X kind, that phone has a different level of good design. But as I said by looks I love this phone. This I think is one of the best looking designs for the price. 

But the good looks come for a price. Smudges are inevitable on it and no matter how much you clean it, it keeps coming back. So I would advise you to put a case on it. By the way, you get the case inside the box itself. it should last you for two months or so.

Aesthetically everything seems good except for the tactility of the buttons and this is one of the dark sights, of having a phone built entirely of plastic. Down below you see a USB type C port, a single firing bottom speaker and thankfully a headphone jack. The output from the headphone jack and the speakers are well unimpressive, like with most of the mid-range phones. But something unique that the company has provided is that the phone is splash resistant. 

I talked about this in the realme 5 review as well. This feature is nothing like IP ratings, but the company says that the openings of the phone are sealed with rubber gaskets to prevent it from moisture or water damage. So maybe now accidental coffee spills will have less impacts. So overall I like the design. It looks good, feels good, so no complaints.

Realme 5 pro display

On the display front, it’s the same as the realme three pro. A 6.3 inches full HD+, IPS LCD screen, twist 19.5: 9  aspect ratio. It’s protected with Gorilla Glass 3 plus. So it should be resistant to minor drops and impacts. I haven’t tried dropping it though. The colors on the screen look good and vibrant. Of course not the AMOLED level but not bad either. Brightness 2 is sufficient indoors and ok outdoors. There are various battery saver modes, you can use to limit the brightness levels as well.

The display is housed for a mini drop notch that carries the selfie camera. It’s small and not obtrusive at all. Also, there’s a color temperature slider inside the display settings, that lets you change the screen temperature as for your liking. So overall if we think about it the display is familiar to us. there are not much changes happening here from the realme 3 pro. 

Realme 5 pro processor

The Realme 5 Pro runs on snapdragon 712, which is essentially the same as the Snapdragon 710 except for slightly higher clock speed on a higher performance course. In terms of GPU, there have been no changes from the Snapdragon 710. It’s still the Adreno 616, which performs just like what we saw on the realme X. In life, you’re not going to see much differences between the realme X and the real me five probes, except for some slight 10% improvement in the CPU performance. Which by the way, you are not going to notice all that much. 

But the realme 5 pro has shown significant improvement from the Realme 3 pro, In case of ANTUTU scores. Check out these benchmarks

The Realme 5 Pro is available in three memory configurations. These are as 4 + 64 GB, 6 + 64 GB and 8 + 128 GB, all of which are UFS 2.1 base. So it’s basically faster load types of apps and games. there is also a dedicated slot, in case you need more storage. which can go up to 256 GB. On everyday use, I found the performance to be smooth.

Realme 5 pro gaming review

Games Run well. I played PUBG in high settings, almost starter free. So this is a good gaming phone, I can vouch for that. Even normal use, whatever apps or games you run it’s going to run very well and even on the heating part, you’re not going to experience all that much. There’s just a normal rise in temperature, while intense gaming which is nothing so overwhelming.

The Realme 5 Pro comes with Android Pie with its custom color OS 6 on top. This combination is, what we have already seen on other realme phones. So the five Pro offers just the same experience. I say this in all realme reviews, that color OS is not so great and it still holds true for me. However, I really wish that the rumors of them coming up with their own OS come true. Because that would be really amazing.

The software, though not well refined gives you a lot of customization options for navigation and other functions. There is also something called game space, that basically lets you minimize interruptions while playing games. There’s a nice shield feature though if you wish to protect your eyes from harmful blue lights. For security, we have the basics fingerprint sensor and face unlock. Registering fingerprint takes some time. But the end result is the P passed and accurate almost all the time. Face unlock too is fast, but since it’s done by the selfie camera, I use the fingerprint sensor as my primary method for unlocking.

Details of Realme 5 Pro camera review

Now let’s talk about the cameras. This is the first time that the company has provided a quad-camera setup and this is hilarious somehow. Because realme do not even think of triple camera setup, they jump straight from dual to quad cameras. Anyways, moving on to the camera specifications.

Realme 5 Pro camera specs

  • The primary camera is a 48-megapixel quad Bayer sensor.  
  • An 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens. 
  • Then come the 2-megapixel depth sensor.
  • The 2-megapixel macro lens.

Now first let’s go for the primary camera. This is the same sensor that we saw on the realme X. The infamous and university use Sony – IMX 586 sensor. Alright, first let me talk about the images from the 5 pro. I say good sharpness in the images. The colors look nice and punchy yet not oversaturated. 

In case you want more vibrancy, you can turn on the chroma boost option. There’s a 48-megapixel option for clicking pictures. But you won’t find much differences upon first glance with the 12-megapixel images. Just upon close inspection, the 12-megapixel images look sharper, thanks to pixel pinning. 

While we’re still talking about the primary images, I also compare the images from the realme X and the realme 5 pro. Because both of their chipsets use the same ISP and the same sensor. To make a comparison fair, I tested their images in a different color-accurate screen. Because well, one is an LCD screen and another is an AMOLED screen. So images are bound to look different in their respective screens. My tests showed that apart from the slightest of color changes, there’s actually not much differences. 

Realme excess color looks slightly more saturated, while the 5 pro’s images had a more subtle color to them. In portrait images too, only the skin tone is a little bit different and it looks like the fight pro has slightly better edge detection. otherwise, everything is almost the same. the same goes with selfies, both portraits, and normal selfies.

Now let’s move on to the wide-angle images. As already mentioned, this is the first time that the company has included a wide-angle lens and the implementation is not bad actually. The primary and wide-angle images don’t suffer much color shifting. Although slightly lesser details on the wide-angle photos is expected. But it’s nothing so worrying. 

The third depth sensor is quite good – surprisingly good for a 2-megapixel sensor. The edge detection is OK. It slightly takes a hit in the hairlines. Otherwise, it looks good, the blur tool looks pleasing. So I quite like the portrait images from the 5 pro. 

The macro images are well not as impressive as I thought it would be. Actually, if you go near a subject and click from the primary camera the images come out better than clicking pictures through the macro lens. So like I said in the Realme 5 review, I found it to be rather gimmicky. maybe the company can provide a better macro lens in future offerings.
Nighttime images are well a lot rainy, but there is a night key feature to compensate for it. with the night key feature, it improves the lighting and balance of exposure in images. it’s nothing extraordinary but it’s not bad either.

Realme 5 pro video recording

Talking on 5 pro video recording, video-wise you have the usual options 4k at 30fps and 1080p and 720p at 30 and 60 FPS. While shooting handheld, I found the 1080p at 30fps option to have the best stabilization. But if you want better quality, you can shoot in 4k using a gimbal.

Realme 5 pro battery specification

The battery capacity on the realme 5 pro is similar to the Realme 3 pro. Both having 4045 mAh batteries. The battery life on the phone is impressive. It can get you through a day easily with some battery left at the end. If you are a moderate to light user, the battery is going to last even longer. With the 5 pro, you get a fast charger inside the box are 20-watt adapter that supports would charge 3.0. You can get the device fully charged in about 80 to 85 minutes which is very impressive.
So like all of you my phones the Realme 5 Pro is also a very good value for money devices. Here we get some welcome additions like the wide-angle lens and the type C port, which was not there before and these make the device very competitive. But I think that it’s time for realme, to step up their game, not just in terms of specs and prices. But you know start doing something different become first movers. Because, well in these last few months I have reviewed a lot of realme phones, all slightly different from each other, all value-for-money phones and that’s it.

The only unique thing that’s there, is that you get so-and-so specs for a more affordable price. But don’t get me wrong, I just mean that there is nothing innovative going on. because as good as the company is doing focusing on new things is going to help the brand even more. So that was our review of the Realme 5 pro. Do let us know in the comment section below, what do you think about the device!


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