Why Is Everyone Talking About Galaxy S10?

What’s interesting in Samsung galaxy s10, Galaxy s10+, Galaxy s10e, and Galaxy s10 5G!

A detailed review of Samsung galaxy s10 series smartphone…

galaxy s10 model number and galaxy s10 cost

Here, we have discussed an interesting topic related to the mobile phone. So you must notice that smartphone means Galaxy or Apple series smartphone, to everyone. but, you must notice one thing that after Samsung launching the Galaxy s10  phone, people love it very much than the apple phone. So, here, we try to find out the fact, why Galaxy s10 is so famous among everyone. we try to review the s10 series in all aspects, like, galaxy s10 feature, camera, battery, storage, security,  etc.

Samsung galaxy s10 update

Samsung released an overwhelming amount of devices the other Day, which is great, because there’s a device for everyone .so I spent a good bit of time composing together a summary, that explains all the new features while testing out a few confirms the old but great features, that stuck around and points out what’s interesting about each of the four models (galaxy s10, galaxy s10 plus, galaxy s10e, and galaxy s10 5G) release it unpacked.

Galaxy s10 features

so let’s get into it. so for all the new features for the s10 family, we first have Android Pie with simplified one UIwhich I am quite liking especially the official galaxy s10 night mode and the full-screen gestures in place of the navigation bar. we have the Infinity-O dynamic AMOLED displays that support HDR 10 Plus. this is across all the phones so this is an AMOLED screen, that has two color profiles. They simplified it to SRGB, DCI p3. I will get into the accuracy of these profiles in the full review. but don’t be fooled into it. Thinking the vivid modes, the full-color volume will make everything look accurate. There is still no color management and you need to select the right profile for the content, you are viewing most. Everything is encoded for SRGB. So the vivid p3 mode will just over-saturate content not meant for it. it’s got a peak luminance of 1200 nits. but typical max brightness of 700 nits and a fantastic contrast ratio. since this is OLED, but the big thing here is, the dynamic tone mapping.

Galaxy s10 display

 So Samsung says about, HDR 10 plus. It optimizes colors from scene to scene and produces better contrast between dark and light scenes with an HDR source Content. so content that supports HDR 10 Plus, like from Amazon, should look awesome on these displays, we shall see. We’ve got even less bezel now on these screens, they look like they are all display and this looks gorgeous.
The camera hole doesn’t bother me as it’s less noticeable than a notch. Especially the single front camera versions and when watching 69 content, the active screen area doesn’t reach the cameras. These displays produce 42% less blue light without a filter. So less harmful blue light is better for our eyes and helps to not mess with our circadian rhythm. Especially when looking at your phone at night.

Galaxy s10 fingerprint

We’ve got an all-new in screen the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on all. But the s10 e, now when looking at this. I realize that there’s no IRIS scanneranymore. I’m actually quite happy about that. so now we just have the fingerprint and face for biometric unlockingand I really like this ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. Because it provides a simple unified way of unlocking the phone, no matter how you’re holding it or where it’s sitting. it’s much less fidgety than solutions of the past and by the way, they got rid of the pressure sensor home button but the new full-screen gestures take its place perfectly. I’m still a bit sad though all remnants of a physical home button are gone.
Now jumping to the performance, we have the Snapdragon 855 SOC with 29% faster CPU and 37 percent faster GPU than the s9 there is a vapor chamber cooling systemand that’s only available on the galaxy s10 plus. But the s 10 and the S10 e, have an advanced heat pipe cooling systeminstead. Then we’ve got AI powered performance enhancement called, intelligent performance. which optimizes the battery, CPU, RAM and even device temperature, based on, how you use your phone and it’s going to continue to learn and get better over time.

Samsung galaxy s10 camera specs

Now bouncing to the cameras. So we’ve got two front-facing cameras in some configurations we’ve got a main 10 megapixel dual-pixel F 1.9 aperture autofocus camera and then there’s a second one that’s just for depth info. But what’s really awesome is that, the front camera is capable of capturing UHD video. Now I rarely use the front camera and now I might, but watch out, there is no optical image stabilization on this camera. So pictures can look blurry and video shaky, enable video stabilization EW is that is in settings.
Then on the back, we have a mess of cameras so what’s all-new is that we have a 123-degree ultra wide-angle camera and this is on all the models. So with this Ultra wide-angle camera, you can take a wide family photos and also some really impressive looking panoramas. Panoramas are only made with the ultra-wide-angle camera and I noticed that good lighting is imperative. indoor panoramas have too much noise reduction but they look great outdoors.
In addition to the ultra wide camera on all the models, we get the dual-aperture main camera and then in some configurations, we get the telephoto camera. I’m personally really happy that they chose to put the ultra-wide-angle camera on all the models. Instead of the telephoto one. I don’t use live focus too often. Then we’ve also got an NPU, which stands for neural processing unit for the cameras
So they say that, the scene optimizer can now recognizeand more accurately process more scenes, which is up to 30. Within these new scene options, we have Samsung’s answer to Google’s night site called bright night. But you need to enable it under settings. For some reason after just taking a peek at it. I think that Google still looks better. Samsung also says that the NPU helps with shot suggestions, such as with composition and making sure that your shot is leveled. So they say, this is a really smart camera, can’t take a bad photo. We’ll see now, it’s really cool is that. The rear main camera can record in HDR 10 plus. So that will be really neat to see in combination with the HDR 10 plus capable Display. keep in mind though that, the HDR 10 Plus footage you take will only playback correctly on screens that support HDR 10 plus. So it’s going to make more sense to keep this off for footage you intend to share off the phone.
We’ve got new electronic image stabilization processing for super stable video and I agree that Samsung has really needed some improvement with their video stabilization this super steady mode uses the wide-angle camera crops the video and analyzes it for shake. The ultra wide-angle camera can handle cropping the frame more for Shake analysis without being too cropped. it’s pretty convincing. I was full-on jogging in this scene. just make sure to be in good lighting or it will quickly look like an unstabilized mess. I can’t wait to test this more. now for all this content that you’re recording. They’re saying that, we’re going to get premiere rush for Galaxy smartphones, so that, you can edit your videos on the go and they say, it will support Dex and also your HDR 10 Plus footage and that is coming later this year. so it doesn’t sound like it’s coming at launch.

Samsung galaxy s10 battery

Now I am so grateful that all of these phones have great battery sizes. They really not ginseng here and Samsung is stating that, the s10 plus lasts 25 percent longer than the s9 plus and this is partly due to more efficient power management.

Samsung galaxy s10 fast charging

Other cool features that, we have a power share. So that you can essentially treat the phone as its own little Qi charging pad. So these phones are able to share power to other Qi-supported devices with wireless charging. we’ve also got improved fast wireless charging 2.0 and they say that, the S10 charges 36% faster than before.

Galaxy s10 RAM

They also point out, that the speed increase varies by phone. we’ve got 8 GB RAM configurations for all the models and a 12 gigabyte configuration for the s10 plus only. we’ve also got a one terabyte(1 TB) storage option for the s10 plus only and we have support for Wi-Fi 6, plus intelligent Wi-Fi switching from Wi-Fi to LTE and vice versa when appropriate.

Samsung galaxy s10 headphone jack

so that’s a lot of new stuff to look at. But we’ve also got some oldies, but goodies and that is the IP 68 water and dust resistance. we’ve got the headphone jack still, we’ve got SD card slots except for the 5g model, for some reason that doesn’t have an SD card slot, we’ve got stereo Dolby Atmos speakers tuned by AKG. We’ve got Samsung pay with MST, which means Magnetic Secure Transmission. So if a terminal doesn’t accept NFC payments it’ll still, work with MST and we’ve got the heart rate sensor for the Samsung health app, although the 10e doesn’t have it.

So with all of these features that, these phones can do what is specifically interesting about each device. This is where I got trumped up because there’s just so many. So let’s try to condense it a little bit. 

Samsung galaxy s10e specs

Starting with the s10 e, size-wise, it’s about the size of an iPhone 10 and not as tall as the s9. it’s the smallest cheapest model and it’s flat screened finally a flat-screened model meant for those who want something more compact and it is missing some features being an economy level phone. Such as the in-screen fingerprint sensor, it still has a fingerprint sensor. But it’s mounted on the side and it’s capacitive instead. The s10 E doesn’t have a telephoto camera, which I really don’t care about and it doesn’t have the heart rate sensor. But it keeps all of the core features. so you’re really not missing out on much by getting the 10 E. Note though that, it’s the only 1080p display of all the devices. But it has a high PPI like the others that will probably be my favorite model. 

Samsung galaxy s10 screen size

Then we’ve got the s10 and size-wise it’s a smidge, taller than the s9 with a bigger 6.1 inch display it was 5.8 inches on the s9 and I think that this model is the least interesting it’s just a smaller version of the s10 plus. But it might be nice if you don’t want a phone, that’s as big as the s10 plus. So it’s a good balance of size and features. It has all the new features including the three back cameras, but excludes the second front-facing camera. That camera provides depth only though. So it’s just for live Focus. it’s not too much of a loss, unless you really want that feature.

 Samsung galaxy s10 plus specs

Then we have the s10 plus. Now dimensionally, it’s a smidge smaller than the s9 plus but it has a huge 6.4-inch display and this is the one, I think that most people are going to want. this is the one, that people can totally deck out until it burns your wallet. So the s10 plus has all the new features plus options of a ceramic back. Which comes in both black and white. You can get up to 12 gigabytes of RAM or others cap at eight gigabytes of RAM. We have a terabyte storage option, where the others cap at either 512 or 256 gigabytes of storage. we got two front cameras, we’ve got the main camera and the second one for depth. Which is used for computing portraits shallow depth of field, we’ve got that huge 6.4-inch display, which is the same size as the Galaxy Note 9. now honestly I think that the 6 gigabytes of ram, 128 gigabytes of storage option will be just fine for me. The rests seem totally overkill. I would say that, if you want the higher options to get it, for the storage and not for the impressive RAM, 12 gigabytes is way more than the phone needs.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G specs

 And finally the bonus phone, the galaxy s10 5g, dimensionally it’s about the size of the note 9. So it’s not too crazy now. It’s got all the new features and has a massive 6.7 inch dynamic AMOLED display and it has not just three. But four cameras on the back. So we’ve got the same three as the s10 plus and an additional 3d depth camera for video live focus. So you can adjust the depth of field inside of video not just for pictures, so that’s pretty cool.

I might actually care about that and it’s supposed to work with some AR featuresas well. it’s got a huge 4500 million power battery, 5g technology, two front cameras like the s10 plus. But instead of the RGB depth sensor, it has a 3d depth camera. They say it charges faster with a 25-watt charger and supports power delivery 3.0. This is a phone to make people poop themselves.
But Caveats, there are caveats so there’s no SD card slot and no terabyte option or even 512 gigabyte storage option. So this one exclusively gets a gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of fixed internal storage and another thing is that it’s released only on Verizon right now. later this year, it should be released for other networks and the biggest thing is, it’s probably prohibitively expensive. so I’m not really quite sure to think about That.
So I hope that little guide helps to see what all the new features and old features and what makes these devices interesting. Hopefully, it can help you decide, which one to pick for yourself! Do I think that Samsung did enough with the s10 update? Honestly, I think I need some time to digest to really see how this all works out.

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