Galaxy note 10 vs s10 – Which one is better!

Which one is better galaxy note 10 vs s10?

Galaxy Note 10 vs galaxy s10, (what’s better s10 or note 10!) which should you buy because both of these are quite the same size and naturally, you would ask the question should I just get the galaxy s10.

I mean it’s about the same size, it’s cheaper than a galaxy note 10 and it has certain features, The galaxy note 10 doesn’t have. well, I could tell you right now that for $950, I’m not sure if this note 10 is gonna be worth it. The Galaxy S10 around $899 on Samsung. It depends on where you look it’s already coming down at price, I’ve seen it in the six is already. 

So I would just say that the S10 is just a cheaper phone. let’s just put it that way, right now you’re gonna save some money if you buy the Galaxy S10 but if you buy the Note 10 you do get the all-new S Pen features.

Galaxy Note 10 vs s10

So let’s talk about which one is better? Ok, guys so let’s talk about the build and the design of both of these smartphones and which one’s gonna be for you. Now we’ll begin with the Galaxy Note 10, you could see a pretty square design, stretches the panel a little bit and a lot of people are calling this a compact phone. 

It is more compact for a Note series device, but this is not a small phone, there’s still a lot smaller phones than this and I wouldn’t categorize this as a compact that will categorize this as a smaller large phone and it does a good job at feeling that way. 

As 168 grams so it’s a lot lighter than prior notes that came before it. It’s quite thin here as well just 7.9 millimeters. Also off to the left, you can see, we have the power button on the left side so left is might like that, in addition, no Bixby key. Well, this can double as the Bixby key but you can also turn that off and it could just be the power button. 

So no dedicated Bigsby key anymore, which a lot of people do. At the top we do have the SIM card tray as well as the speaker grille at the bottom we do have ourselves speaker grill here USB, S Pen overall I gotta say that the Galaxy Note 10 square feel so if you kind of like that and you know you want is the most screen you could get and the smallest note body possible you will love this.

Galaxy s10 vs note 10 (Design)

Now the Galaxy S10 is a little bit curvier on the edges. Right here, you can see it just curves a little bit more, it’s a little bit sleeker. In my opinion, personally, I think the Galaxy S 10 feels nicer to hold than the Galaxy Note 10. It’s a lighter phone at 157 grams. it also has a pretty flat looking display compared to, you know, some really sharp curbs unlike the galaxy s 8. 

So, it’s still curved but it’s more subtle than before. You still have the Infinity oh it’s just buried over there, on the right side. it’s kind of out of the way a little bit more than the Galaxy Note 10. But the Galaxy Note 10, it’s a little more symmetrical in that regard. This is also an extremely thin phone at 7.8 millimeters. so it’s also thinner than the Galaxy Note 10. 

On the back, you can see that white is a lot of different, this is the ORA and you can see, you do have the triple camera in more of a horizontal fashion. overall, I gotta say that both of these phones feel pretty much the same. When it comes to premium I just think that the design is a little bit better with the s10 due to the curve, in your hand, it just feels more ergonomic. 

But the Galaxy Note 10 is a great step in the right direction if you want to s-pen and you wanted a smaller Galaxy Note 10. So make a decision based on those pointers, I’ve pointed out there and both of these do have Gorilla Glass frames, on both the front and the back. So they’re pretty high quality in that respect in addition ip68 In both.

Samsung galaxy s10 vs note 10 (Display)

Let’s talk about their displays. Again I’ll begin with the Galaxy Note 9. The benefits of the Note 9 display over the Galaxy S10. Now they’re about the same brightness, I’m not noticing too much of a difference there. They both have night modes, but, what a big difference here is that, the Galaxy Note 10 thus one only goes up to 20 – 80 by 1080 so 401 and I say only, but it’s still a pretty high resolution at 401 PPI. You still will notice that the Galaxy s10 is far superior in resolution into this phone, we’ll get to that in a minute. but worthy Note 10 shines is that, it feels more off screen because it’s 90.1 or 90.9 screen to body ratio. So it has a higher screen to body ratio and it looks more symmetrical, because of the Infinity oh, it is at the top. So I actually think the Samsung galaxy note 10, feels like a more off-screen phone than the galaxy s10. But only very very slightly in terms of color reproduction and brightness and all that stuff HDR 10 plus support the note 10 has it so very good display overall. 

Now the Galaxy S10 though has a much higher resolution, so technically I think, it’s a superior display to that of the Galaxy Note10 resolution. But this is not gonna matter to most people, so I would say if you’re gonna buy one of these phones and make it based on where the infinity, All bothers you more, up in the right corner or up at the top. Because in terms of the actual usage day-to-day, unless you’re putting these side-by-side, you probably won’t notice too much of a difference. However, if you are a pixel paper and you love high resolution, there’s no other choice but the galaxy s10 here. But again if you like more of an off-screen look, you’re gonna like the note 10 more.

Galaxy s10 vs Galaxy note 10 (specs)

Although both have some same specs, we have found out some main unmatched specs here…(note 10 vs s10 specs)

  • Storage:  Note 10 has 256 GB internal memory and user available storage is up to 224 GB, whereas s10 has 128 GB and user available storage up to 107 GB.
  • Expandable Memory: up to 1 TB in galaxy Note 10 and up to 512 GB in s10.
  • Processor:Galaxy Note 10 has Samsung Exynos 9 Octa 9825(2.73 GHz, Dual-core, M4 Mongoose + 2.4 GHz, Dual-core, Cortex A75 + 1.9 GHz, Quad-core, Cortex A55) processor, but s10 has Samsung Exynos 9 Octa 9820 processor.
  • Display:  (note 10 vs s10 size) Galaxy Note 10 is 6.3 inches, but s10 is a 6.1 inches display. Screen Resolution in Note 10 is 1080 x 2280 pixels, but 1440 x 3040 pixels in s 10. pixel density in Note 10 is  400 PPI, whereas, 551 PPI in s 10.
  • Camera Features: (galaxy s10 vs note 10 camera) Although both have the same lance power, Note 10 has more camera features than s10. galaxy note 10 has ( 10 x Digital Zoom, 2 x Optical Zoom, Auto Flash, Face detection, Touch to focus) but in  galaxy s10 (10 x Digital Zoom, Auto Flash, Face detection, Touch to focus)
  • Video Recording: Note 10 has more option than  s 10, in galaxy note 10 (3840×2160 @ 60 fps, 1920×1080 @ 240 fps, 1280×720 @ 960 fps) , but in s 10 (3840×2160 @ 30 fps).
  • Battery: (s10 vs note 10 battery life) 3500 mAh battery in Note 10, but in s10 it is 3400 mAh. In Talktime point of view, Note 10 runs up to 24 hours(4G) but in s10, it is up to 21 hours(4G).

So talking about the software, Galaxy Note 10 actually comes of ONE UI, a 1.5 an android 9 pie. So it is on a newer version of the one UI. Galaxy s10 comes with 1 UI 1.1 an android version 9. But at the end of the day, the software experience is literally about the same. The only difference again is down to the s-pen software, that comes down on the galaxy note 10. Also, you have a link to Windows here as well as Samsung decks to a Mac or PC and other than that I’m not noticing too much of a  change between both of these. The core experience is generally the same. Now I’ll don’t see the screen recorder option in here on the s10, I see it here for the note 10. So there are a few little new features are thrown in here and there I would say that the one UI version 1.5 definitely better for the note 10. So if you want the latest Samsung software, I’d pick the note 10 here, but the core experience that you’re actually gonna use most of the time it’s about the same experience, so we don’t need to go on and on about that.

Both can multitask, both can you pop view windows, both can do pretty much all the core essentials, you love from Samsung devices. so in terms of performance, they’re literally the same 855 CPUs 8 GB of RAM. There’s faster storage on Note 10, but it doesn’t have expandable storage which you can get are very fast SD cards for Galaxy S 10. so we don’t need to go on and on about the performance. They literally perform exactly the same in the day to day use. So there is no difference there if you want an extremely fast phone, you’ll be happy with both of these. If you want very fast file transferring like the top of the game then, you’ll definitely want Galaxy Note 10 with its new file transfer 3.0, it’s definitely up there. 

Galaxy s10 vs Note 10 plus (storage)

So, which one should you choose in terms of storage! 

Now UFS 3.0 on Note 10, very fast file transferring storage. So, if you care about internal storage, you’ll probably just want the galaxy note 10. But if you like to expand your memory, you’ll want the Galaxy S 10, this phone has expandable storage via the SD card and this one also comes with less storage though from the start and it’s a little bit slower storage so keep that in mind you do get less. You get more storage on the Note 10, but you don’t get to expand it here. So what you get is, what you’re stuck with here on Note 10, for me, I personally would probably just take the Galaxy S 10 storage. Because I can get this in 256 GB, I can get an expandable memory and even though it’s slightly slower, I’ll live with that to have the expansion because having the expansion helps with long-term use. If you don’t want to be, you know, managing the files too much you can just throw on a new SD card and you have tons more storage. So it’s really up to you, but for me, I’d pick the galaxy  s10.

Galaxy s10 vs note 10 camera

Talking about the camera’s, triple camera on Note 10 and a triple camera on the s10. They’re basically the same camera. They’re just looking a little bit different on the back. They both have 12 megapixel, regular wide 12 megapixel telephotos and 16-megapixel ultra-wide cameras on the rear. They both do 2160 at 60fps and they both have, pretty much the same software. When you do open up those cameras, however, the night mode is included automatically in the galaxy note 10, where some times you’ll take some photo and the scene optimizer will recognize it and throw it in night mode. for my s10, over here. So that’s something a little bit different, also you can a doodle with the s-pen on this phone. But other than that the software is about the same, on both of them. You have life focused slow motion there feature-packed phones let’s just put it that way. If we go into the settings menu, you can see super loaded with features and features and features and it just keeps ongoing. 

So I would say just take a look at these samples, I took with both of them and make a decision based on the quality. Which one you think is better for you but for me I found them to be literally exactly the same quality just about, so I wouldn’t even pick either based on camera cuz, it’s literally about the same camera.

Samsung galaxy s10 vs note 10 (Audio)

Talking about the audio performance on both, both of them do have dual speakers and both of them do have Dolby Atmos support. So they’re both very loud and they both have pretty good sound. The Galaxy Note 10.1 has it integrated above, you know, bezel right or it’s in the bezel up there, just a little bit. Now one major difference on the galaxy s 10 which really sets this phone, Apart is the headphone jack right there. So if you do want a headphone jack, you still have it here. Note 10 comes with the USB C headphones, but you have a headphone jack dual speakers, the galaxy s10 is just a better phone for audio for me, because it’s just more versatile than Note 10.

Galaxy s10 vs galaxy note 10 (battery life)

When it comes to the battery on both phones, they’re both a pretty similar-sized battery. Although the galaxy note 10 has a 3500 this one has a 3400 for Galaxy S 10. this one also comes with a 25-watt charger, so faster charging for Note 10. out of the box you have 15 watts over here for s10. But based on my initial testing, my final conclusion is, I’m getting the sit around the same battery life on both of these, I’m getting through most of the day and then I got a top-up like maybe six-seven o’clock at night. So I don’t really deplete the battery down too much and if I really stretched it. I’ll probably be ending up with a dead battery by the time, it’s like 10 o’clock p.m.

On both of the final assessment is that you can get through the day with both of these if you’re a light to the medium user or your busy person you’re not on your phone constantly all day. but if you’re a heavy phone user both of these are just adequate and they’re not gonna please you because you’ll be needing to get to a charger a lot faster then you’re used to if you use the phone heavily.

Galaxy Note 10 s pen

When it comes to the s-pen, there’s only one phone here. that has it and that, of course, that’s the note 10. So if you’re into productivity features, you want to write on your calendar, you want to due…,  you want to live message, you want to cut things out, you want to create notes, you want the s-pen. You want to take pictures from afar with the s-pen. You want this tool on your phone. There’s no other pic, it’s just a note 10. So the note 10 wins on the basis of productivity, just because, it has the s-pen that’s sleekly, that tucks right into you the body itself. So Galaxy Note 10 is your pick if you’re heavily into productivity. You’ll find more benefit out of this phone within the Galaxy S10.

Samsung galaxy s10 vs galaxy note 10 (Phone call quality)

The phone call quality both of these have been fantastic. they both hold on to signal strength very well. They both have good call quality, through the earpieces and I gotta say that the speakerphones could be a little bit louder on both of them. But I haven’t had any drop calls with either, I’ve been testing both of them pretty rigorously with phone calls and neither of them has given me an issue. So I gotta say that this area of phone call quality is stellar on both.

                                                         So which one should you buy, Galaxy note 10 or s10? I’ve been really thinking about this too and it’s been a really tough decision to make and I’m gonna have an unpopular opinion here, Because it’s not the latest phone out, but the Galaxy S10 to me, right now, is the better pick based on this circumstance, if you are paying cash money for the phone. Because there’s just too many corners cut at 9:49. It just feels like robbery honey, the Galaxy Note 10 for what they’re giving you in comparison to what Samsung is giving you on the s10. As well as you know, prior phones that came before it, Note 9 was around the same price, as this phone and it gave you a higher resolution display gave you the same dual speakers, they gave you a headphone jack.

it gave you expandable memory you can just see it when you pull out the SD card slot up here or the SIM card tray that where they just didn’t put it in there on purpose, this is a pure profit move right here to get you to buy the note 10 plus. Here on the Note 10, however, it’s still a really good smartphone. It’s probably just as good if not better than the s10. In terms of, you know, everything it can do, it has the s-pen, which makes it really productive. But the galaxy S10 does didn’t cut as many corners in comparison to its bigger brother the S 10 plus.

Now, my second thing is, if you get these on a deal, like, if you can get a trade-in you’d knock the note 10 down to like, maybe $500 something, maybe $600. Then yeah, I probably would pick the note 10, because I get the s-pen, I get them all screen more off-screen look and feel. But if you’re just buying these from a pure cash standpoint like full retail, you just pay cash money for your phone right now S10, when the note 10 comes down then consider the note 10, it asks my final conclusion between both of these.

So what are your thoughts, would you pick the note 10 or would you pick the galaxy s10 comments them down below in the comments section.

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