Ps5 specs, price and release date- rumors and truth!

Sony ps5 full specs, design, release date, price, etc 

sony ps5 full specs

Sony ps5 news

There is a lot of Sony ps5 news that’s been going around lately, so we’re gonna go over what has all been announced, confirmed, and maybe slightly more hinted at. And then, once we’re done that, we’re gonna go, maybe just a little more off the rails with that info. To begin with, a new article (ps5 specs leak) from “Wired” has given us a lot of new details and insights into the Ps5 design of the PlayStation 5, including the fact that it is officially being called the PlayStation 5(ps5).

Sony ps5 release date

To everyone’s surprise, I’m sure, and that PlayStation 5 will be launching (Ps5 release date) sometime in the holidays of 2020 ( maybe between October and December 2020). Which lines up with what a lot of people were thinking, especially concerning the fact that it’s also when Microsoft is targeting the release of Project Scarlett. Now again, a lot of this is still speculative, but one thing that I can say for sure is that when the PS5 and Project Scarlett actually come out, We will be picking both up and doing reviews on both.

A year from now. Now, most of this article was featured. On the features aspect of the PS5. New ways it’s going to change the way we interact with gameplay. As far as hardware goes, in the past, there’s been a little bit of coverage, but it’s all been very broad strokes, like, it’s going to be using AMD technology. Sony ps5 will have a processor that is similar to this one. GPU is similar to this one. It’ll have an SSD, all very broad details. And that’s mostly true still now.

The only one specific new thing they talked about is that the PS5 GPU will have ray-tracing technology built-in, it is not something that will be handled on a software level. What’s interesting about this, by the way, is that currently, AMD does not sell any cards with ray-tracing technology built-in, which only adds the question of, what kind of cards we’re gonna be seeing next year, and what does this mean for the PS5  price point?

Sony PS5 controller design revealed

 They have confirmed that insane looking PS5 design that we’ve seen in the past, that turned out to maybe be a dev kit, well it officially, definitely is the way the ps5 dev kit looks. And what’s interesting about this is how that might influence the appearance of the official PS5. Now it’s not particularly normal for final versions of systems to look identical to PlayStation 5 dev kits, but very often the ps5 dev kit does at least have certain accents to its design that are held over into the final product. They are normally a little bulkier, maybe a little crazier looking. And sometimes they’re gonna be a little more slimmed down in that final product, so if that crazy U-shaped looking system is, in fact, theps5  dev kit as it now sounds like it is, it’s interesting to think about what the actual final system might look like if it holds on to the same aspects of its design. Enough about the physical design of the system though.

Sony ps5 specs leak

let’s talk about actual new features covered in the article, starting with their approach to storage. Now it’s no surprise that games have been getting bigger and bigger and bigger. With the PS4 and Xbox One, there’s been kind of these standard hard drive size right now of one terabyte, but those have been filling up very quickly. And based on other parts from the same article, it sounds like the PS5 will be embracing 4K Blu-rays, meaning that they can support up to 100 gigabytes of data. Those are very large games. And with the way loading times work out currently, it also means that even when you buy games physically, that have all that data on there, you’re gonna need to do an actual install because it would take way too long to load anything up from the disc directly.

ps5 specs

So again, you’re gonna fill up the hard drive very quickly. A partial solution to this is that the PS5 will be making use of a selective memory approach, where let’s say you buy a game that has a single-player campaign and multiple different forms of multiplayer. Well, if it’s designed into it, you could choose to say, hey, I don’t care about the campaign. I don’t even care about this version of multiplayer. I just care about the horde mode. Well you can install just the components necessary for that mode so it doesn’t take up that much space on your system, and your only installing what you actually plan to use, which is really useful for anyone who’s ever completely dedicated to just multiplayer modes or just single-player ones. And of course, just to reiterate, just like they’ve said in the past, the system will be making use of an SSD instead of a standard hard drive, which means loading times are gonna be considerably faster off of that system, which is very important for once again.

Once we have games that are more focused on higher resolution textures. Another new piece of info is how they are planning to approach the UI for the PS5. Now the PS4s had pretty much the same UI, its entire lifespan. There have been some updates and some changes and some new features, but for the most part, it has been the same straightforward design. Which is very user-friendly, but if I’m being honest, is also just a little too bare-bones. There’s a lot more it could cover and that’s something that they wanna address with the PS5.

A specific feature they talked about is how to handle what kind of information you can see before you even launch a game. The specific example given was, let’s say you have a game that is multiplayer-focused and you wanna know before even launching the game, which friends are actively playing, what mode they’re playing in, are they playing together, all that kind of info right then and there, so that way you know before even launching it that hey, I know my buddies are in and I wanna join them right now. And it’ll give you all that information right ahead. That way you don’t have to launch a game to check what’s going on, back out, go to another game, so on and so forth.

Now ideas like these are really cool. And it sounds like some great updates to the general user experience of owning a PlayStation system. But it was the other part of the “Wired” article that really stood out to me as being really interesting, and that was the new approach to the controller. If you’ve ever seen any of my post on weird controllers or even on Pro controllers, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with the idea of how Ps5 controller design impacts the way we experience games. Whether it’s how a particular weird controller design might actually, make it more fun for a specific type of game, or even how Pro controllers just have functions that make things a lot easier. And when it comes to PlayStation specifically in their history of how they make their mainline controllers, it’s very much the philosophy of “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. They’ve made changes over time, there have been refinements, but it’s always been taking that same core concept and improving it little by little. And while that looks to be the case for the PS5 controller, there are some specific new ideas that are really intriguing to me.

First let’s talk about the rumble motors. Now the DualShock 4 is a very basic controller when it comes to rumble, it just shakes a lot for some games, a little less so for others. Well the talk for the PS5 is that it’ll be making use of a special haptic engines that can make very specific different rumble effects on the left and right grip, depending on what’s happening in the game. Now this isn’t just a matter of one side can rumble more, while the other side is more silent, it’s also just how they rumble and feel different and can impart a certain kind of feedback feel for specific games. Examples were given where things like in a game, you’re running through a bunch of sand and then through a bunch of dirt, and you feel the difference in how the Ps5 controller shakes to those different experiences. Or say, play a racing game and you’re going a little off-road where the left side of the car is still on the track, the right side is now on top of dirt going crazy, and you’ll feel that difference in each side of the controller.

It’s not just a matter of heavy and light, it’s two very different feeling rumbles. It’s very reminiscent of what Nintendo has talked about a lot with the Switch and the capabilities of HD rumble, where you can design games to interact with rumble in interesting new ways that change the way you view gameplay. Now this is really cool, but the thing that actually stood out to me a lot more that hasn’t really been messed with a lot in games is the idea of variable trigger tension. Now trigger tension is something that some Pro controllers have offered in the past, where you can adjust it have a little heavier pull, maybe a lighter pull, based on what you personally prefer and find more comfortable.

That’s not exactly what’s happening here with these talks of what the PS5 is able to do. Instead, the idea is that game designer themselves can program specific tensions to happen in a game, depending on what the situation is. Where maybe in a racing game, as you’re pulling the trigger down, it increases tension the further you get to simulate that feeling of pressing down on the gas more and more. Or, maybe the way a trigger pull feels for one weapon in a shooter is different than how it feels on another.

Honestly, there’s a lot of cool info in this “Wired” article but that to me was one of the most standout, amazing things. Now to be clear, the controller that they used in the “Wired” article is not a final design, it is not the official DualShock 5, but rather just a mockup design of what might be how the final design works, and part of that mockup that was interesting to note is that it appeared like the controller had a space available for a microphone.

Now, the reason this is interesting is because rumors that have come out before about the PlayStation 5, and even about Xbox as well, is that these systems might start making use of virtual assistants. That would mean that it’s possible, not for sure, but possible that the DualShock 5 could include a microphone so you could give orders to your PlayStation 5 directly through the controller, which is kinda cool sounding, but also a little awkward given the history of how things like virtual assistants have gone over in gaming with. After all, how the Kinect worked out for the original Xbox 1, which people weren’t really a big fan of having microphones and cameras active all the time in their living room.

Now, while we’re on the subject of ps5 controllers, something else I want to talk about, aside from the “Wired” article, is a patent that has recently started making it’s rounding on the internet of what looks to be the PS VR Version 2. Now, in regards to PS VR in the past, PlayStation has mentioned that their next system will support PS VR. But there’s been that lingering question in a lot of people’s minds of, is there going to be a better version of the PS VR? And this the mockup looks like, well, yes. And it’s not just a matter of it being more powerful or having a higher resolution screen, but also the kind of additional functions and features it may have.

Specifically this new PS5 VR appears to actually be a wireless design instead of a wired one, which was honestly, one of the biggest attractors about the PS VR to me, it was just a mess of cables that either took forever to set up when you wanted to use it, or just looked like a mess if you wanted to quit it plugged in all the time. And this new PS VR design appears to have mounted cameras on the headset itself, allowing for things like being able to actually see through the headset, which could allow for AR-style experiences, or just give you the option to actually, figure out a safe space to play. Kinda like what we’ve seen on the Oculus Quest, which I have used a lot more because it’s, again, that the wireless experience that the PS VR might be making its way into.

All of these things on paper sound amazing, but they raise a lot of other questions as well. Is there going to be a virtual assistant on the PlayStation and how far does that feature go? And I think even more importantly, with all the kind of stuff we’re hearing about the system.

What’s the Ps5 price point going to be?

Because if we’re featuring things like an SSD, built-in ray-tracing, a virtual assistant, a lot of that is gonna require a lot more tech and maybe run the system at a lot more expensive than what people were initially hoping to hear. And then one other question is, of course, what are Xbox and Nintendo’s response to these features if they’re gonna have any at all? Right now is a crazy time for speculation in gaming, because while Nintendo has recently released the Switch and now the Switch Lite, there’s been plenty of talk of getting some kind of Switch Pro next year. In what form that takes, we don’t really know. And as we’ve already been talking about the rest of this post, PlayStation is releasing PS5 next year, and Microsoft is working on Project Scarlett, whatever the actual final title that Xbox ends up having.

                           Now with Switch, things are a little bit different and kind of weird because Nintendo has always kind of had its own side competition with PlayStation and Microsoft, and while the Switch has put them on a very similar level once again, especially when it comes to multi-platform games, it wouldn’t be that crazy to see, after the next generational leap, for them to fall behind a little bit again, still having great awesome titles that pull people towards them, but not necessarily seeing a big triple-A game come to all three systems. The real big competitor is, of course, Xbox because, most of the time, at least the past couple of generations, them and Sony have been going neck in neck with a lot of similar but still different ideas.

Now up until this “Wired” article, the Sony ps5 news out of both systems have been very similar. This is the first time we’re getting information that sounds like something much more unique to one side. And it’s curious to see what Microsoft is going to have to go against that because as of right now, the biggest thing they’ve really been talking about is the possibilities of xCloud, which does sound very interesting, but doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the core experience of what it’s like to own their next-gen system. And really, if we wanna talk about things being unique features, I’m not even sure if we can say xCloud is something completely unique to Microsoft.

The idea of playing without owning your own system and using Microsoft servers might be true, but really, just look at what Sony’s been doing lately with the PS4. Remote play has always been a feature on the system, but they’ve recently been focusing a lot more on opening it up to other devices like IOS and Android. And with that happening so close to the release of a new system, the PS5, it’s very possible that this is testing out having that feature in that new system, meaning that you could still play PS5 games on the go with your phone as well.

                                                   Now of course, we’re already past this year’s E3 and we’re not gonna get another one for almost an entire year, but until then, Microsoft does have their own special event planned coming up called XO19, that’ll be in November. So it’ll be really interesting to see if during that a press conference, we get any new information regarding Project Scarlett and how it might wanna answer what the PlayStation 5 is going to offer.

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