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It seems pretty locked in, Microsoft is gonna show up next generation with two systems at launch. It seems they’ll have a cheaper one and a more expensive one and some will say, leaks although after checking around and kind of where this stuff came from. I think Windows Central has some pretty good information here. Okay, I’ll just what I’ll say is this fairly.

Xbox Scarlett news

Recently dev kits started going out more and more for projects scarlet and all of a sudden, some marketing material will say, is making its way out there. Alright, it sounds suspiciously like information, that would show up with a dev kit will say that. So, let’s put it out there. this seems like, this information is good very good and there’s a lot, to go over here. This was done by Windows Central, if you want to follow along or if you want to explore it, a little further yourself, I’ll leave a link down below as good information in there. Because it’s starting to give us a look at next-generation, specifically, some things that are going to be tackled. I guess the next generation and I like what. I’m hearing because it sounds like, they’re pushing for convenience, which is great because there are some things that I’ve been frustrated with this generation. As I’m sure a lot of you have been, which we’ll talk about and I think it is a great direction for the game streaming, yeah, game streaming. It’s gonna be kind of used more like a solution to an issue, that we’ve been running into with current systems and then we also have specs in terms of how powerful these things could be. It’s some exciting stuff. Right now, it’s feeling like that road to the next generation and I really like this cuz, it’s fun. when we start to talk about systems that are gonna showing up and it’s a good time. So let’s go in into this article, some of the information will, kind of talk a bit about it. 

Xbox Scarlett console specs

 let’s go over here, so this is Windows Central inside the target specs of the next Xbox project scarlet anaconda in Lockhart’s. We have two systems one is cheaper that’s Lockhart, the other ones can be more. I’m gonna go over these, the information herein the Xbox series x specs and I want you to. As you hear this, start thinking about, how much we think anaconda is going to be! I think Lockhart is going to be four hundred, as its roof possibly three hundred. As its floor, that’s kind of where I’m thinking. Just based on what I’m hearing in the Xbox series x (Xbox Scarlett) specs and everything here, I don’t know if they can get it below 300. That will be obscene if they could to be great because it just means, it’ll be easier for people to get into next-generation, who maybe don’t care about 4k. But think about specifically anaconda and how much Xbox Scarlett pricing will be okay because this is going to be a question.

Xbox Scarlett cost

At the end here and I’m gonna talk a bit about, why could be more than we were thinking originally. Okay, so, let’s go down here. It says Microsoft’s gearing up to reveal a two-pronged attack for next-gen consoles complete with a more affordable SKU dub Lockhart with a more beastly premium SKU codenamed Anaconda. It sounds like, we wouldn’t hear about this before and it kind of went away and now it’s back seemingly. Because they are briefing developers on their strategy going into the next generation and I think one of their, something they were trying to do was possibly catch Sony off-guard a bit with having a cheaper system we believe. 

 Sony’s showing up with one SKU right and it could be about $500 but if Microsoft shows up with a $300 SKU that is an entry point for the next generation. That would have Sony kind of on their heels a bit and say, wait a minute, they’re gonna show up at retail with a system that’s $200 possibly cheapen ours even if it’s $100 cheaper. We saw it with the PlayStation 4 right away that was enough to give them a big advantage in retail. I mean, right away, they were off and running and of course, the ps4 was also more powerful.

So somethings to think about there, they, of course, say 2020. we all know that, at this point, we assume, it’s gonna launch around the same time as the PS 5. That’s already been confirmed, this is where things get pretty interesting. We start talking about, how powerful this thing could be! So according to several sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans, the anaconda is targeting around 12 teraflops of computing power, compared to Xbox one 6 teraflops and the Xbox one s is 1.4 that’s a pretty large jump from the base Xbox. So we’re going generation here.
I know, we have mid consoles and the refreshes and everything. But if you consider 2013, when the Xbox one released, at they say about 1.4 teraflops that is a large jump to 12. that it is big, that is not a little jump. Now it’s not quite 10 times or anything but it’s still a quite a bit more powerful and then we also have to remember they’re also jumping up in generations for AMD’s architecture. Right, it’s gonna be a Navi based and those N CPUs and it’s going to be much more capable than what we’re used to now with the X, but the Xbox one the old VCR that thing has a hard time as it is, it does it really does if you play one of those now, oh! it’s not good.

it struggles games like anthem our Jedi fall in order or like in the 20s for frames per second, sometimes in the teens. It is not a pleasant experience most people now will tell you to look for an Xbox one X on sale. So this is going to be a large jump, now the Xbox One X is a bit more interesting. Because we’re comparing that at 6 teraflops, which on its face sounds. like you know, just doubling up in terms of ‘roll compute power. But there is a lot more to think about. Here you have memory bandwidth, you, of course, have the extra little features and I’m sure Microsoft will bake into this. Whether it’s better DirectX 12 handling, because that was something, that the Xbox one X had and it was pretty much crushing for it. So when they first showed it off with 70% GPU utilization and it was rolling at 4k 60. So they could make that in it, sounds like ray tracing will be a focus that could be baked in as well as we kind of heard. sony talk about it being hardware-based sounds like AMD is going to be showing off their solution for ray tracing earlier.
Next year in 2020 and we’ll find out more. I guess about, what the X or the next Xbox, the next PlayStation will have inside of their systems. As they’re going to follow AMD’s roadmap pretty much here. They could also do some other things on top of that and then the biggest jump is, I think can be that SSD. It’s not gonna be something that people will talk about as much as we all compute power like, teraflops. But I think, it is going to be a massive game-changer inside of your Xbox one X or your Playstation 4 Pro.unless you’ve changed out for, whatever reason because it doesn’t take advantage as much. Since every being developed for 5400 rpm drives and it those things are slow they are slow. It’s a pain at times for four different things to take place and we don’t even know about it. Because it’s the developers, who have to deal with it. So that will be very interesting to see, how all of that comes together. 
Now Lockhart is going to be an interesting system, because it’s technically on its face going to be less powerful than the X at 4 teraflops. Now, you see that, and you say .well, wait a minute, do I, why would anyone get that, well, if you also consider the fact that is gonna be jumping ahead to Navi. So that will be more capable there and then better CPUs, you’ll also have of course the SSD. I think that for teraflops will actually end up. Fairly comparable to even better than what the Xbox one X does currently. like, there’s a lot more than just raw compute power and of course, you’re comparing MD’s newer architecture. Their older stuff everything, I think lines up for a while. Lockhart showing a lower, was a brute force power, computational power.
                                                   I think it’s still gonna be more capable. which is the most important part. Because once you start seeing it in action, you’ll forget about the lower teraflop count. There’s a lot more going on here, than just that especially, when you consider they could have straight-up ray tracing like built-in at a hardware level. once you have that, on all of a sudden, the games will just look better straight up, because of that, especially when developers get their hands-on it, and know that every system, they’re creating for will have access to ray tracing.
 So you will see, some pretty cool stuff, I think things we haven’t seen yet. Because still in its infancy with just certain video cards, really using and a lot of people haven’t even upgraded from there 1080 Ti. Because NVIDIA just made a card that was just too good at the time and still really good. A lot of people haven’t even upgraded to RTX cards yet. I just got an RTX 27 T super and now I’m hearing about this Xbox Scarlett anaconda being 12 teraflops that is stronger than what the 5700 XT and by a good bit. Actually, at this the point, so that also is a closed box could put it on, I think even possibly comparable to a 20 ATT. I consider that for a second, because this closed box, of course, means developers will know, what they’re creating for. Yes, it is going to be fascinating to see, some of these games in action. Now, they also seemingly cut frequencies of the CPU cores at 3.5 gigahertz 8 cores. We already knew that I’ll be curious if it is 16 threads. But 8 cores, of course, is 3.5 gears. I think is going to roll over jaguar cores, That are currently used in the systems.
Now, that is one of the biggest weak points of these systems. Of course, we know, game consoles, right now, anyway tend to be GPU heavy. They’re lopsided towards the GPU, especially on the Xb It’s ridiculous, I mean, the Xbox one X. strapping these ridiculous video cards, essentially to this tiny little laptop processors. It is insane, but to have something of the Zen write CPUs that are going to be a bit more even with something on the GPU side. It’ll be interesting to see, how they utilize that with open worlds AI and then anything else, they want to use that power for and they go a bit further and they tell us that there will be 16 gigabytes total of system memory and to think about that, I assume like most of us do. It’ll be G DDR 6, should have a higher memory bandwidth than what we see with something like the Xbox one X. Probably, by a good margin and what this all boils down to for me is that, the Xbox and anaconda. If we want to call it that, that’s a codename they’ll tell us. I hope they don’t go with the name might like a pro moniker or something. I don’t know, we’ll see. But, uh! like the Xbox, I don’t know the Xbox Scarlett pro or Xbox Pro. they call it, the Xbox pro, that’s gonna be ridiculous. But it sounds like all of this is coming together, to be a 4k 60 machine.
Now, it comes down to, of course, the developers actually utilizing that and saying well. We’re okay with 4k 30 because it’s more cinematic and we’ll take advantage of all the extra bells and whistles to make the game look that much prettier. I’m okay with you toning it back a little bit to give me that smooth 60 frames per second. But that is me, I’m sure, some people out there are ok with 30. Ok, I really like this part, because it is utilizing X cloud in a way that, I think is very clever. I think it is a great idea, I still understand, what is stadia, for right like for a lot of people, stadia don’t make as much sense. Because you are constantly relying on it, right, your internet connection all that has to be up to par for it, to work consistently. But take a look at this, because, I really like this idea. This is what, it’s coming down to, for the biggest problem I have, this generation is waiting to play your game. You buy the game whether it’s on. let’s say, you buy it, digitally you got to download it and then you got to patch it and they got to look for more updates and then finally like three hours later you’re playing the game you bought. But then if you go to the store and you buy it, you bring it home, you put the disc in and then you wait and then you wait and then you update and then you wait and then you install and then you wait! Ok, now I can play hours later at times, I bought Red Dead Redemption too, and that thing took forever to even be able to play well.

                                    This, I think, is a great utilization of X cloud, says games with low times anywhere up to one minute, of course, will be reduced to mere seconds. That’s from the SSDs and the inclusion of Project X cloud across all Xbox systems will allow you to start gaming via streaming. While waiting for games to download locally, next-gen is all about saving your time, increasing read speeds by gigabytes per second. While also providing cutting-edge visuals that will elevate games to all new heights. I really like the idea of using X Cloud as a solution to a problem of long install times, long, long downloads. This is a clever idea.

                                                               Now, my question of course is, can they manage all of that happening all at once on the system and not giving you a junk experience, When you are streaming the game. Now I would assume, you’d be streaming the game for half an hour before, maybe it hands it off and all of a sudden your resolution jumps from 1080p. Because it will say, it’s like limited to 1080p. Because you’re downloading as well in the background, they want to make sure. It’s all smooth and you get the game quickly all of a sudden, while you’re playing. It has the ability to handoff to the system locally and it jumps to 4k. Yeah, I guess the downloads have done that would be clever as phenomenal if they can do that. Now, it comes down, if they can do it but I think that is a massive advantage they can have over everything. I mean, seriously consider that we’re talking about the game updating. We’re talking meth game downloading. So even if you’re playing on the switch, which is designed to be as fast as possible to get you from starting the game to playing it. It would be faster than that, because we assumed you’d hit the button and say, hey would you like to stream the game, while you’re waiting for it, to download. we’ll just use the X cloud and beam the game to you. Yeah, okay well, you’re playing now, it sure there’ll be some latency and everything, but after it’s done downloading and installing it were just handoff and all of a sudden it’s local. 

I like that idea a lot because it’s a way to solve a problem we’re running into now and of course at least that I mean downloads are always gonna take time installing through the Blu-ray drive is always gonna take time. But if you can mix that with something like X cloud, that is a great idea and of course they say that it will be fully backward compatible. Xbox scarlet will be able to run all previous-gen games, that are available on Xbox one today and that includes all of the backward compatible games, Microsoft has already announced. 
                                              So, I assume that means back to the original Xbox, the Xbox 360 and then the entire library of the Xbox one that will be a huge day one of course. Because it really doesn’t have us hesitate as much to make the jump because all of our games will just carry over the good that’s what we all want. But we want it for the PlayStation 5 as well, but Microsoft has been building this backward pad of a library that I am very happy, could be carried over and that of course, means that we assume games would run even better and look even better right next generation. Because they, of course, will scale, we have games on the Xbox One X that are supposed to be 4k, but they’re not necessarily. They’re just checkerboard it up and all that we would assume that. That means that games Xbox Scarlett whether it’s.
I guess, yeah! because even on the, I wasn’t even on Lockhart, you pricey games that look probably even a bit better. Especially if they go back and maybe do some patching and ray-tracing gets added into, how to be crazy. But I really like the idea of you buying itand boom. It’s just there and of course, games that let’s say don’t have smooth frame rates maybe all of a sudden. Because they have so much power, are just completely smooth 60 frames. Maybe the whole time for some of these current Xbox one games will be great. Really, I think right now, I like that I’m hearing more about other things outside of just raw power. sure we hear about the teraflops and all this other stuff. 
I like the idea of hearing about load times being eliminated or at least delivery times being eliminated. it’s been a pain, this generation to pop a game in and realize I’m gonna be playing it for a while or you could download it at night and then you go to bed. Because you realize, well I was up for the midnight release, but there’s no way, I’m gonna get a chance to play any of this beforehand. Back in the day, we used to, just pop a game in and it would work right and now it’s the point, where we know, we’re installing a game. I like that they’re working on solutions for that and of course, I like the idea of fullback compatibility.

Xbox Scarlett cost

My one last question is, how much is Xbox Scarlett cost going to be? Because what they’ve described here, it sounds like more than $500. If they really hit 12 teraflops that is starting to sound more and more like a $600 machine. But I do also wonder if Microsoft is willing to take a hit on the systems right lose some money on each one sold to get them into our houses and then eventually, right make money on us through software like X cloud and Game Pass. Which is their big driving force right now and of course get more and more out there with something like Lockhart that they could also eat the cost on. They could make a little certain $300 and really make Sony step back and say wow they’re gonna launch a next-gen system at 300. we’re about to launch our PS 5 at $500. Because if they get the Anaconda at $500 and it’s more powerful and they announced games like fable and hail will infinite ready to go at the launch today. They might have a much better chance to this generation than they did last time with the Xbox one getting straight-up steamrolled by the PlayStation 4. But let me know, what you guys think about this there’s a lot of information here, like I said the links down below if you wanna read through it again and check it out.

when is Xbox Scarlett coming(Xbox Scarlett release date)?

I’m excited for next-generation. I’m ready, I think, we’re gonna hear more about this, both of these systems in the next few months. I think February to March is where we’ll really start to hear about information. Then, of course, going to the e3, where we should see some games. I’m very excited to see, what games look like on these systems! how they function! how they load and what these developers have been able to do with all this extra power and I’ll say much more capable system that’s the biggest thing your run here about teraflops and they’re not line up they’re not gonna match up. Because there will be more things around all of that so exciting stuff. 

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